J6 Event Speakers

Richard Bowser

Richard Bowser

Richard is an editor at Property Investor News Magazine. One of the very few independent market commentators who, from 2002 onwards, regularly warned private investors as to the very clear risk factors relating to the purchase of new-build apartments for investment. In early 2007 Richard emphatically predicted that mortgage lending would quickly become more difficult and expensive and that investors should avoid carrying excessive debt levels on low yielding property.

Roll forward just a few years and the impact of the banks’ increased risk aversion to property lending was plain to see, but back in 2007 the boom was still in progress and Richard's oft issued words of caution were foolishly ignored by many investors who remain in negative equity or faced repossession.

Over the last decade Richard has regularly spelt out to investors the inherent risk of speculative investment strategies based on low yields and excessively high LTV borrowing. A sought after speaker at many property investor and landlord events, Richard’s views are widely recognised and valued - most importantly by the thousands of subscribers to ‘Property Investor News’.

Evan Maindonald

Evan Maindonald

Evan Maindonald was originally born in New Zealand. He has lived in the UK since 1992 and has been involved full time in property development and investment since 2002. Prior to 2002, Evan owned investment property in the UK and New Zealand and so posesses property experience spanning a period of over 25 years.

Evan completed a degree in Computer Science at Auckland University and started his working career in the technology industry in New Zealand in the late 80’s selling computer systems and networks. In 1992, Evan moved to the UK and worked for British Telecom (BT) for a number of years, with a focus on sales of international telecoms networks. He completed an MBA at IMD in Switzerland, one of Europe’s top business schools, in 2000.

After completing his MBA, Evan worked for a technology start up in the UK for around a year and then started his own property development and investment company in 2002. In his spare time, Evan enjoys collecting and drinking fine wine, cooking, travelling and walking his dogs Brian and Arthur, two energetic Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas.

Roxana Monammadian

Roxana Mohammadian

Roxana is a Chief Strategy Officer at Blend Network. Blend Network is a peer-to-peer property lending marketplace that connects lenders directly with borrowers. Lenders can lend from £1,000 to property-secured loans and earn up to 15% p.a. All Blend Network loans are secured against a first-charge on the property. Our platform is designed to be simple to use. Once you register, you can browse through our available loans, pick & choose the loan you’d like to lend to and simply lend. Sit, Click & Collect.

Property can be a very lonely business. This event offers you excellent opportunity to connect with local investors & learn about new strategies in property.