We are inviting property related sponsors who are looking to grow their business and want to be seen & heard around committed property professionals. I must confess that like many property investors & developers I am guilty of focussing all my time on growing my wealth and not protecting it. All my hard work and efforts would be wasted if I cannot pass on the fruits of my success to my family and I have decided this is an area I would like to give time to and plan it best to allow my loved ones to maximise the benefits from it.

The Family Will Company are sponsoring us and are offering a NOT TO MISS offer for all J6 Attendees. Please take a look at the detail below.


If you don't have a Will two sets of people will get your property portfolio:

  • 1. People that haven't earned it
  • 2. People you don't love

Dinesh Kumar is a property investor who first got properties at university to let to students. He firmly believes that Taxation is Theft.

His mission is to help his clients Preserve Their Wealth for Their Loved Ones. In fact he is so passionate that he will do a Free Will for J6 Property Meet Members. Yes a basic will not for BMV but for NMD (no money down) !

Dinesh has over 25 years experience in helping his clients increase, manage and protect their wealth through elegant Estate Planning. He is an expert of Wills, secret Trusts,Probate, Power of Attorney and Inheritance Tax Planning.

Dinesh is uniquely qualified to advise on comprehensive Estate Planning unlike accountants that can't do Wills or solicitors that can't advice on inheritance tax planning.

His business Family Will Company is based in Harrow NW London, but in the current internet world geography is no longer a barrier.

Visit the website www.FamilyWillCompany.co.uk or better still call him now on 020 8123 3932

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Property can be a very lonely business. This event offers you excellent opportunity to connect with local investors & learn about new strategies in property.